Private Clients

With MAF Zurich Consulting Group AG, you will be treated like a VIP. We accompany you through all the stages of your life and provide you with lasting support through the realization of your goals. In this course of this process, we are not a neutral consultant, but rather tenaciously represent your interests and are at your service. With this, the maximization of your quality of life and the protection of your financial situation are our main priority.


►  Taxes

  ►  Family Office

Taxes are compulsory levies, so an actual expropriation. We help you to minimize this reduction of purchasing power.


You concentrate on your priorities; we deal with all that remains. We pave the way forward for you and keep your back clear at the same time.

►  Relocation

  ►  Work permit

Every resettlement represents a challenge for individuals as well as for families. We support you as a friend of the family.


A residence permit and work permit are a basic prerequisite for commencing employment in Switzerland.