Corporates & Institutions

The tangled jungle of legal regulations, accounting norms and tax treaties is expanding daily!  The requirements in relation to external and internal interests are continuously growing. Globalization involves many opportunities, but also dangers. Only those who consider all environmental spheres can lead a future-oriented and value-increasing company. To guarantee opportunity and differentiation, you need a reliable and competent partner.


Business Formations and Settlements

A business formation or a company settlement involves many aspects. Taxation, legal, personnel as well as financial points of view are only a few of the compelling facts to be considered. Additionally, a strong partner is essential for the small company as well as for the large-scale corporation.


  Commercial Law

The definition of the mid-term and long-term practices is essential for successful growth.  Count on our experience.


The consideration of all legal aspects such as contract or tax law is a must for every business. Our experts stand by your side with all departments.

Finances & Bookkeeping

Whether it is accounting, financial management and business plans or accounts receivable management. With us, you have a competent partner.


All possibilities should be considered for tax planning and optimization as well as with the risk management of deferred taxes.

Payroll & HR

Salary administration, payroll accounting, withholding tax, work permits... with MAF, you can master all obstacles.


The construction of organizational structures in every company is directly related to its efficiency and effectiveness.